Kerianne & Salman Wedding

We love the photos

One crucial but unstated point in choosing a professional photographer to record a personal and meaningful event is to feel at ease with them. We feel we were fortunate in finding Paula who came into our home and to the reception to photograph our son’s wedding.

We were given Paula’s contact info and we took a look at her website, read the testimonials, and spoke with her.  Paula was clear in explaining how she worked and what was involved, and immediately we felt comfortable and at ease with our decision.

The pictures turned out wonderful, Paula managed to capture the energy as she unobtrusively took the pictures which told the story of the two days events. The amazing part is that except for the group posed shots we were never aware of her presence as she worked and captured images which we will always treasure.

We had loads of pictures – as Paula said, there were more than usual as she couldn’t leave out any pictures of the choreographed dancing- a blessing since we didn’t have anyone taking a video.

We love the photos. I would definitely recommend Paula as a wedding photographer.

Thanks Paula – job well done!

Fatema Chandoo
14th July 2013


David and Mark, Marylebone Town Hall

Truly wonderful shots

After searching through endless wedding photographers on-line and getting slightly depressed at how formulaic and dull most of the photos seemed to be it was a little ray of sunshine to come across Paula’s site and see pictures that not only recorded the couple’s day but also captured the joy and happiness of their friends and family.  We contacted  Paula and went through our plans for the day and she told us exactly what she could offer and how she worked, based on this discussion and the examples of her work on-line we happily took her on.

Nearer the time of the actual day we met with Paula to go through the details of our day, how it was going to be structured and what were the important elements we wanted her to capture – she put us completely at ease and also made some very useful suggestions to get some great pictures.  On the day itself Paula was there throughout, but we barely noticed her presence, which was a welcome change after experiencing some weddings where the photographer spends hours barking orders at the couple and guests.  In fact one of the really lovely things from our preparation meeting to the day itself was that we felt that Paula was really involved in our day.

Our finished pictures are fantastic and she has captured the day perfectly with some truly wonderful shots capturing some lovely moments and everyone that has seen them has commented on how nice it is to see wedding photos showing how much fun everyone had!!  We are getting Paula to produce an album for us as we know she will do an amazing job but one of the added benefits of Paula is that this is not a hard sell and she gives you all of the pictures in print ready formats regardless of whether you want her to do an album or not.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Paula to anyone that asked, as well as being extremely professional and talented she is also very easy to be around and good fun.

David & Mark
21st September 2011

Sam and Scott, Southwark Town Hall

Our day captured perfectly!

Paula was recommended to us by a friend.  We gave her a call and arranged a time to meet up so that she could tell us about how she works and show us some of her work.  We found her to be very personable and friendly.  She was genuinely interested in our plans and it became apparent quite quickly that she was precisely the type of photographer we set out to find – an observational photographer.

We did not want an endless series of posed shots under a tree, by a wall, near a pond etc.  I’ve been in wedding parties before where you spend hours getting photos taken and no one looks at them – it could be anyones wedding.  We didn’t want that. We wanted something different and memorable.  We put a lot of work into making our day special for us and our guests. We wanted it all captured but we also wanted to be with our friends and family not at a photo shoot for half a day.  There are some posed shots but that was just five minutes here or there, an opportunity taken when it arose.  Paula has a great eye for capturing a moment.

There is so much going on on the day that it is very easy to overlook things and not have the opportunity to fully appreciate it. Our work payed off, Paula captured it perfectly now we can fully appreciate it at our leisure.

Our wedding book tells the story of our day. We never tire of looking at it, we never have trouble showing it to people.  The day is there to share with everyone, even those who weren’t there.

We have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Paula.

Sam & Scott
18 March 2011

Magdelena & Tomasz


Thanks Paula!

While planning our wedding one of the issues was to find a good photographer. Like all couples we wanted our pictures to be beautiful whilst at the same time showing the essence and emotions of the day and the good fun we were planning to have. Then we approached Paula and she showed us the wedding pictures she took before and we just fell in love with them. Her style of working was to be there throughout the day starting with the couple’s preparations, then the ceremony and on to the reception, as seen by a bystander, trying to capture the day as it happened. At this moment we knew that it was exactly what we wanted.

Working with Paula was absolutely easy and stress free. She believes in good preparation so she made sure she knew exactly what would happen on the day and in what order, so that she could capture all the important moments. She also got to know all the important family members to make sure that godparents and grandma were always captured in the pictures. And best of all – she was prepared to travel to Poland to do the wedding shots for us! (And it didn’t cost the earth!). What else can you expect from a photographer?

When it came to the big day Paula was there from the very morning making hundreds of pictures as the day unfolded. At the same time we didn’t feel her presence as she didn’t interfere with preparations. Later on when we saw the pictures we looked at them and relived the day over and over again, noticing moments we didn’t see at the time.

Overall we are very happy that we chose Paula to capture our wedding. We’ve got hundreds of pictures of great quality and the next step will be to put them into a wedding book. Paula will do it for us and the good thing is she doesn’t do a hard sell on this – we will have the book done whenever we’re ready.

We would recommend Paula to anyone who wants to have a great set of wedding pictures that can be viewed over and over again and that captures the spirit and joy of the big day. Additionally, Paula is fun and great company to be around which makes the whole experience even better!

Magdalena & Tomasz Szojda
10th Feb 2011