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My school pictures

Arhhh, school photos – remember those! I hated them (can you tell?) sitting down in that ‘hands on the knees pose’ told to say the word ‘whiskey’, which to the age of about eight seemed quite funny, until you realised that was probably what the poor old photographer was wishing he had in his mug of tea. Mind you, thinking about my old school I think that was on ready supply in the staff room.  Anyway’s, where am I going with this… oh yeah.

Clients often ask ‘Can we get a few posed photographs during our wedding day?‘ And my answer to that is absolutely YES! Though I’m primarily a documentary style photographer, I do see the importance of having some beautiful, more formal shots. They are usually a must for parents and look stunning on the cover of your DVD or photo album.  After all, this is a very special day, you’ll be dressed in your finest and most likely holding the occasion in a place that’s special to you and your life.

Most of the time I’ll grab posed photos at an opportune moment where you are completely at ease and doing something that just looks so natural and relaxed.

Let me give you an example. Here Holli & Shaheen had just had their Nikah ceremony and had finished with the receiving line and were taking a few minutes breather in the front garden. Seeing the sunlight coming through the trees and the gorgeous jasmine hedge I took the moment to get a couple formal shots of them. It was done in minutes.

Holli & Shaheen
Other times couples may want to slot a specific time into their wedding day timetable so we can get to a special location.  In this example Magdalena and Tomasz live in London but had a destination wedding in Magdalena’s home town of Kracow, Poland. It’s a beautiful historical city and centre stage is St. Mary’s Basilica in the main square. It was really important to them to have a few signature shots that would define their Kracow wedding and be a connection to their homeland.

 Destination Wedding Portraits Kracow, Poland

When you book me as your photographer we will have a pre-day consultation so we can talk about the details of your day and I’ll get to learn more about your requirements.

And don’t worry, at no point will I ask you to put your hands on your knees and say ‘whiskey’!




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